LIFE Groups

LIFE Groups are a key way for people to get connected. LIFE stands for Love, Instruction, Fellowship, and Encouragement. In Acts 2 the church met in homes. It is our passion to gather small groups of people so that people have the unique opportunity to know Christ, grow in their faith and make Him known. Currently our Sunday morning LIFE Groups are for all age groups and we meet at church at 9:30am. We also have a Thursday evening LIFE Group in Merced.

Sunday Morning LIFE Groups – 9:30AM

FCBC Dr Bob's LIFE Group
Dr Bob’s LIFE Group

Dr. Bob Nelson’s LIFE Group’s new series “God’s Prophetic Plan for the End Times” based on the book of Revelation meets at Room #3. We will be studying in depth the seven last prophetic events. You can know God’s plan for the end times and eternity.

FCBC Pastor Tyson's LIFE Group
Pastor Tyson’s LIFE Group

Pastor Tyson’s LIFE Group’s new study “Great Doctrines of the Bible” meets at Room #5 as we work over way through “What We Teach – the Doctrinal statement of FCBC”. We believe the doctrines of the Bible are practical for every area of daily life.

FCBC Sunday Morning Youth LIFE Group
Youth LIFE Group

Aaron & Mandy Fastenau’s Youth LIFE Group is for Junior and High School age students and meets at Room #7.

Wednesday Evening LIFE Group – 6PM

We have a Young Adult LIFE Group that meets at Pastor Tolbert’s home (Valparaiso Court, Merced) on Wednesday evening at 6:30PM.

Thursday Evening LIFE Group – 6PM

FCBC Thursday Night LIFE Group in Merced
Thursday Night LIFE Group

We have a Thursday evening LIFE Group that meets at the Towler’s house, 340 East Alexander Avenue, Merced. It starts at 6PM and bring a potluck-style dinner.